What is zoomrobux.com? You might not always need to spend money in the game Roblox. Sometimes all you need is the right website to get you free Robux. But some of these websites are fraudulent, and they can easily scam you. Hence it is always intelligent to do background research before any association with them.   

The game Roblox is being loved worldwide, and people of the United States are spending loads of money to buy Robux and make their in-game purchases. If you don’t want to spend considerable money and still want to have some fun, we have got a new website to help you with all your needs regarding Robux.

What is zoomrobux.com?

Roblox was a small online game startup until the pandemic hit in 2020 when people had loads of time to spare and relished the gaming platform. After that, numerous third-party websites have been launched that promise to give Robux, Roblox currency. 

This website is not affiliated with Roblox; hence we cannot be confident about its claims. They require your username and give some tasks to the users. After completing them, you will be gifted Robux according to the task you choose. This website is promoted on the gaming platform through commercials, and they make many appealing offers.

How to get free Robux?

Generating free Robux is a simple task; all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • It is essential to make sure that the device you use has a permanent internet connection to follow further steps. 
  • Use the web address www.zoomrobux.com and please let the webpage load successfully. 
  • After the page is successfully opened, you need to click on the box saying “claim Robux.”
  • Then a new webpage will open with a box designated for your Roblox username.
  • The user also needs to choose their device operating system by clicking on the symbols present on the page.
  • You won’t need your password to login to zoomrobux.com.
  • They will not ask you to fill in any payment information like debit or credit card numbers.
  • Then you will see numerous options of tasks, each associated with a particular number of Robux.
  • You can choose according to the number of free Robux you wish to earn. They can ask you to fill various surveys, join some WhatsApp groups, play and install any application or watch any video.
  • After you have completed the opted tasks, make sure to go back to your account and check if you have received the number of Robux promised by the website.

Is the website legit?

We followed all the instructions given by the website as mentioned above. After completing all the tasks, we were redirected to a blank page with no Robux or any information. We found the website to be fishy and immediately logged out. We think that the fraudulent developers have made the website to make them money while the customers will only waste their precious time.

People get enticed by these offers but fail to acknowledge that it is illegal to buy Robux. But the website shows no authenticity and was unable to give any free Robux. Our experience may have been improper, but we would suggest you use the website on your own and share your experience. Please be careful while using their website and immediately log out if you find anything fishy.


The website is recently created; hence we failed to find any trust score and user reviews. They have no significant clout and prolonged traffic. The website lacks any social media handles; therefore, we couldn’t update any information on them.

Zoomrobux.com has many red flags, and there are many platforms in the United States that promise to give you free Robux are a scam. They can harm your PC and introduce viruses or steal data from your device. 

Please make sure you use a secondary account while the association with them and after you succeed in your mission, use the primary account.


It is always necessary to be vigilant while using any third-party website, especially if it’s not affiliated with the official gaming platform. Zoomrobux.com is not completely reliable and we suggest users only use Roblox for buying Robux for in-game accessories and other updates.

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