Top MapleStory Private Servers

Top MapleStory Private Servers

We listed some of the best and Top Maplestory private servers like u/XTRIxEDGEx avatar XTRIxEDGEx · u/jef_ avatar ; u/ticklishsquirtle avatar ticklishsquirtle.

3D Mixing made this game with the motive two bring a single platform for all the players to enjoy and create their server.

Due to this, there are thousands of versions for this single 3D world. It gets played in different countries. It allows several multipliers in a single arena at once through online service.

MapleStory is a famous online game

MapleStory famous game of the United States with millions of players. In the given article, you will find the top private servers. You can enroll in and enjoy the game. Read further to know more.

List of the top MapleStory Private Servers

Maple Royals – It is a good choice for people who want to experience the old theme of this game with some new features and characters. You will find all the basic specs added in the first classic game of MapleStory. Experience nostalgia over gameplay features like NX items. They fixed all the previous bugs and glitches. Devs are constantly making new upgrades.

We recommend all new players start with the server to get an easy hand in the game. It is among the Top MapleStory Private Servers because there is no pay to achieve success feature in the server.

Castela – The server gets used among Canadian players. It is the upgraded version of the old server v83. It got established on a party theme, so you can play and enjoy yourself with your friends. Complete missions by battling bosses and going on party quests. The motive was to create a 3D world that is a part of the maple world but gives you the thrilling experience of some Elite specs.

The whole gameplay is redeveloped with new features to play as a team and get some new mods. The developers have tried to push the boundary of every profession and cast in the game. No matter if you are a paladin or corsair. You have to encourage your team to do all the tasks together.

LightSoulMS – The server got beautifully designed to keep the essence of the original game but eliminate some creatures like ullu and skelegons. It is a Top MapleStory Private Servers because it will give you the original theme and designs of the Maplestory with many inbuilt personalized specs.

They have kept all the original locations like Orbis tower, pigs beach, and Ellinia. They are famous spots for any player. Another important aspect of this game is you get other players on your team or move solo.

EggyMS v83 – is a Top MapleStory Private Servers because you can only level up your items to 1. There is plenty of new missions and adventure you can experience. Make sure you are thorough with task 2 performed according to your requirement. 

Suppose you are aiming at collecting a lot of points and gems. Then you should concentrate on completing party events to get rewarded with daily benefits and a bonus stat.

Teeria Legends V62 – This server has many personalized features and excess extra bonuses. You automatically benefit from a better EXP rate when you complete a quest and increase in level. You also get entitled to anti-KS. They have many specs of the original story to give a nostalgic experience to the users, along with innovative specs. 

The best feature of the server is the working party quest in which you can move around like the original game and get anything from the inventory for cash. It is one of the most secure servers of this game.

KritiasGMS V162 – For players who I want to experience this game with all the classes. It is a good option because they also present you with challenging levels and choices that will spin your head. There are many new maps to explore with new enemies and bosses 2 to guide you. They have created two different upgrades, so you get a chance to experience them both.


It is not easy to create a server for Maplestory. But the developers have done their best to get the most attention of the audience in the United States. These are the Top MapleStory Private Servers as per our analysis. They keep the classic maple story the same. But add their personalized inventions to it.

Please share any other server that might interest you in the comment section. We love hearing from you.

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