Mane and Tail Shampoo Reviews

Mane and Tail Shampoo Reviews

Read Mane and tail shampoo reviews? It is a famous horse shampoo and conditioner brand. But what are the facts and user feedbacks? Let’s find out in this article?

A lot of influencers are trending by using it on human hair. The formula is not for humans. But some people have given it a good response and showcased good results.

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The shampoo is creating much buzz in the United States. In this article, we will discuss the formula results on Horses. Is it safe for humans? Read further to get an in-depth knowledge of this product. 

What is Mane and tail shampoo?

It is a horse Shampoo brand containing nourishing ingredients like Olive oil and Keratin. It strengthens and moisturizes using botanical proteins ingredients. The brand works for complete customer satisfaction. The formula has a blend of organic ingredients like herbs that deeply condition hair and scalp. 

Some people use it for their personal use. There is a variety of shampoos available from this brand. Since it is a horse shampoo, there are profits and harmful effects that it can cause. 

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It can cause frizz and rough hair due to excessive Keratin. The product is not a good choice for people with curly textures. Continue reading to know more about Mane and tail shampoo reviews. 


  • They use natural oils from avocado, sunflower, and olives to deeply nourish and moisturize the scalp.
  • It contains Micro-enriched proteins which, are proven to reduce split ends.
  • They put in the building material for hair called Keratin.
  • Vitamin B-5 is present as Panthenol for lubrication while washing.
  • There are some ingredients like Pyrithione zinc-containing anti-dandruff properties.
  • Some shampoo formulas get enriched with Benzalkonium chloride that comes with antimicrobial properties. It works against seborrheic dermatitis and other scalp issues.

Benefits of Mane and tail shampoo

  • It is suitable for short keratin hair. People suggested it promote hair growth.
  • The shampoo is effective in reducing split ends in horses. Many customers use it for the following benefit.
  • It is a cleansing shampoo that leaves your hair shinier.
  • You can cure seborrheic dermatitis through it.
  • It is an excellent shampoo for horses.

Side effects of Mane and tail shampoo

  • Many people have found dry hair because of excessive cleansing chemicals.
  • Not appropriate for colored hair because it will dull the color.
  • It can cause an itchy and sensitive scalp due to benzalkonium chloride. There is a probability of getting hives.
  • Not recommended for curly or wavy textured hair.

Mane and tail shampoo reviews from the customers?

It has an excellent consumer rating of 4.4/5 stars on google with more than 9k reviews. After the first wash, horse owners are highly impressed with the results and love the shiny coat. You can combine it with other products like conditioner and detangle shampoo for better results. 

There are some negative Mane and tail shampoo reviews from disgruntled customers because of poor packaging. The people in the United States who tried it on themselves were not satisfied with the results and registered several complaints. 

But some people were impressed by the shine it brought. The shampoo easily detangles horsetails and makes it easy to brush through. 

Is Mane and tail shampoo worth buying?

After reading all ingredients, policies, and Mane and tail shampoo reviews, we think it is unsuitable for humans’ regular use. It is an excellent horse Shampoo with many benefits that improve your horsehair. 

There are various online and walk-in stores in the United States that you can visit to make a direct purchase. It has not received any certificates from an authentic cosmetic organization that grades brands on credibility. 

We looked through the whole features and manufacturing procedure. Is it a legitimate brand and works on necessary aspects to grow its popularity?


We hope you have gone thorugh the Mane and tail shampoo reviews? If you are you looking for a good horse Shampoo? Then, go for it without a doubt because it not only performs well but is also cheap. As for personal use, we will recommend you go through some reviews and then make any purchase.

Please share your experience with us in the comments section. We love hearing from you.

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