Reviews Reviews reviews? Nowadays, we are enthusiastic to follow our passion for sports and gaming. So, today we are here with user feedbacks.This online platform offers many sports and game-related equipment to their customers at an affordable rate than others.

It is a United States-based company. They are not a popular face in the marketplace till now. They ship their products all over the USA. But now, the actual question is about their trustworthiness. So, let’s get started and unfold the truth about this website.

What is

As we said previously, this website offers a large range of sports and gaming equipment at an affordable rate. They sell every kind of product related to the sports genre. We mentioned the detailed list of products below.

Products sells: 

  • Building and construction toys.
  • Car lights.
  • Various kinds of outdoor fun and sports equipment.
  • Skateboard and scooters.
  • Learning and educational products.
  • Toy vehicles.
  • Water sports equipment.
  • Products related to home improvement.
  • Exterior accessories.
  • Cell phone and telecommunication device.
  • Computer and other office equipment.
  • Motorcycle accessories.
  • Beauty and healthcare equipment.
  • Toy figures and action figures.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Car electronic equipment.
  • Remote control toys.
  • Security and protection equipment.
  • Car wash and maintenance equipment.
  • Travel and roadway products.
  • Puzzle games.
  • Pools and water sports equipment.
  • Baby and toddler toys.
  • Model building sets.
  • Electrical component sets.
  • Home and garden tools.
  • Hair extensions and wigs.
  • Watches.
  • Classic toys.
  • Doll and stuffed toys.
  • Luggage and bags.
  • Consumer electronics.
  • Furniture sets.
  • Car repair tools.

We are sure your mind is bombarded after seeing this whole list. They ship all these products to your doorsteps only if you are an official citizen of the US. Sometimes, they ask for your id proof before placing an order. So, keep your id proof ready before placing an order.


  1. Contact number detail: +86 18487100000.
  2. Contact address detail: No information is available at this moment.
  3. E-mail address:
  4. Category: Online e-commerce website of gaming and sports-related products.
  5. Payment method: Online.
  6. Payment options: PayPal, VISA, MasterCard.
  7. Return period: Within 14 days after receiving the order.
  8. Refund processing time: 5 to 10 working days.
  9. Shipping or delivery period: 15 to 30 days maximum.

Positive Sides:

  • Valid HTTPS certificate.
  • Affordable rates than others.
  • Large range of different products.
  • Fast delivery option is available.
  • An easy return policy is available.
  • Seasonal deals and discounts are available.

Negative Sides:

  • Poorly designed website.
  • Non-responsive customers care service.
  • No valid address of headquarter is available.
  • Nonavailability of sufficient data.
  • Availability of limited and selected payment methods. 

Is legit?

After deep research, we can’t consider it as a legit sire. We find various suspicious activities on this site. There are no trustworthy reviews, and customer responses are there to help us. Each statement is against their legit manner. So, our reviews consider this site as a scam.

It has not enough trust scores to believe in them. Be a little aware of this site. They offer products at affordable rates but are not so trustworthy to spend that much money. We advise you to maintain distance from this website. reviews by customers:

When it comes to customer opinion, the whole result is completely zero for positive response. 30 percent of customers are happy with their services, and another 70 percent are showering negative reviews. 

We spotted a couple of people who point out this site as a legit and trustworthy site through one particular website. 

So, the result of these reviewsis clear. This site is a scam as of now because of various kinds of suspicious activities.


So, as we mentioned in the above paragraph, we consider it a scam website in this article. So, be aware and a bit careful if you still want to try this site. Your safety is in your own hands. Maintain a bit of safety before using it.

Hopefully, you sketch a better idea of this site after reading the article on reviews. Stay connected for more interesting articles and information. And also comment your views and experience towards it.

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