How To Play Pokemon

One of the most extensive media franchises when it comes to kid’s entertainment is Pokemon. The series of games and shows have been alive for more than two decades at this point, and the game’s popularity keeps growing every day. It is safe to say most children are aware of Pokemon through video games or the Anime series.

However, several people are new to it and aren’t aware of how they should play. TCG and other versions of it can be complicated to understand for newcomers, so we have made a guide to help you familiarize yourself with the Pokemon universe!

Pokemon Video Games 

Most games give the player the role of a Trainer whose quest is to become a Pokemon League Champion, which includes visiting arenas, training new Pokemon, and competing in tournaments. Another objective is to capture and catalog all of the game’s many Pokémon. Even though the game has combat, there are no scenes of graphic violence or Pokemon Redeem deaths, making it suitable for children. The Pokemon world has a large number of activities such as beauty contests, tournaments, and fishing contests that Trainers can participate in. 

There are a total of eight generations of video games in the franchise which debuted back in 1996 and are still going. Classics such as Red&Green, Blue, and Yellow are evergreen and treasured as vintage games. Pokemon has been exclusive to the Game Boy or the newer Nintendo consoles only. The series has always had a healthy spirit of sportsmanship, which carries over to the eighth generation.

What are TCG games?

The cards are based on the Pokemon Trading Card Game, which debuted in 1996 and was subsequently acquired by Nintendo in the United States. Because of its distinctive art style and imaginative gameplay, the PTCG has become immensely popular. It is played in the same way as other card games, but Pokemon’s contribution to the sector paved the way for a slew of new card games based on cartoon characters.

The packs include many sorts of cards, each with its own set of qualities. Basic Pokemon cards are the initial type, and they serve as the foundation for every deck. These are used by players to begin their game with an unevolved Pokemon.

The following kind is Evolved Pokemon, which players can only use on top of a basic Pokemon or a Pokemon in a lower level. This Pokemon progresses through levels of evolution, gaining strength or defence depending on their skills. Thanks to a complicated mechanism that creates a hierarchy among the many sorts of Pokemon, these cards are the most sought-after by merchants.

Decks also contain Energy and Trainer Cards within them. While Energy Cards are used to improve your Pokemon’s skills or capabilities, Trainer Cards serve as a more administrative service for your deck. It may be used to heal or dispose of a Pokemon, among other things.

How to play the TCG games?

In a Pokemon TCG match, players build a deck according to their Pokemon and then compete with each of the cards in the opponent’s deck, which creates a system of rounds for every player involved. For newbies, there are premade decks that can be used to understand the fundamentals of the game. They can also increase and diversify their card collections with available booster packs that will augment your decks.

Due to the wide variety of cards, no two matches are ever the same in this game. Furthermore, Pokemon and Nintendo keep releasing new updates and expansion packs to further evolve the game by versatility and freshness. Thus, there is a lot of content to discover and explore.

Pokemon Go

This virtual simulator came out in 2016 via Niantic and hit record-breaking numbers as it went viral amongst Pokemon fans. The concept is simple; you explore a virtual world modelled after your surroundings and catch Pokemon to train and compete with. Several tournaments and active events keep the game’s massive player base entertained. The summer of 2016 was characterized by the ridiculous influence over pop culture this game had.

Pokemon Go has been under controversy since it can be unsafe for children, and we’d advise you to read reviews about the game before playing it. Although the content is moderated and safe, the possibility of going out in the real world while thinking you’re in a virtual one is dangerous and risky. Be cautious when you’re looking for gyms and Pokemon near you since it can lead to accidents or worse.


Pokemon is an essential part of many people’s childhood around the globe. Millions of hardcore fans of the franchise create content related to it and play these games online on platforms like YouTube or Twitch. If you are trying to learn more about Pokemon, their content is an excellent place to begin!

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