How To Get Free Benefits In Greenville Roblox

Greenville Roblox

Roblox has a lot of amazing maps in the game where players can avail amazing benefits and exclusive items for free. Maps like Gear Land, Missing Simulator, Mad City, and Azure Mines are some of the best because of their entertaining designs and features.

Greenville is a map of the same variety in Roblox. It’s an incredible example of the developers’ creativity and innovation to Roblox creations. There is a lot to know about Greenville, and many players might be unfamiliar with it. This guide will help you better understand the map and get free benefits from it.

What is Greenville?

The map is modeled after the city of Greenville Roblox, Wisconsin, from the developer Crazycatcrazyschool. Greenville came out in June 2017, while the alpha versions of the map came out earlier. The creator has made it so that the map reflects the city’s infrastructure and public spaces structure. 

As a way of turning it realistic, there are a lot of cars and different places on the map. The map has had over 350 million visitors till now and is extremely popular among Roblox players. Most people go to role-play, meet new friends on this map, and immerse in a virtual Greenville.

Changes in the map

There are a lot of new changes to the map, and we have listed them down below:

  • A total of fifty-three new cars are now on the map.
  • Ragdoll physics to the map.
  • Live events for snow are now in the game.
  • There is a new quick dollar building.
  • You can now customize your house.
  • The Greenville Junction building is now redone and new.
  • The Halloween event is now over.
  • Devs have added 2 special cars.

With these exciting new updates, the map is a lot more fun than it used to be. The experience of Greenville is not limited to what’s in the town anymore, and the new buildings are a great addition to the realism. 

Is there a way to get free benefits on the map?

The answer to your question depends on technicality. While free items aren’t available in the game, you can avail yourself a lot through game passes.

 Game pass is a neat system in Roblox through which developers can benefit and gain Robux by putting up items for sale under a game pass and creating an incentive for gamers to buy them. 

Greenville has no digital codes you can redeem to get free items in-game, so that’s not a viable option. Other than these two, there aren’t any ways in Roblox Redeem to purchase or claim items. Therefore, we will tell you how the game passes work in Greenville.

Vehicle passes:

The vehicle passes allow players to access sports cars, luxury cars, electric vehicles, classic vehicles, and law enforcement cars. The vehicles have different features and designs, so players don’t get bored by repetition.

They all have different roles in the city, such as the law enforcement vehicles, which are only meant for the authorities.

Luxury vehicles include cars like the 2021 Avantismo Allroad and have a rich design that explains their expensive rates. The sports vehicles pass costing 500 Robux includes cars like the 2007 Panini Ostro. Similarly, different passes have different costs. The law enforcement pass is the cheapest, priced at only 75 Robux.

Feature passes

The feature passes include Radio Access, access to customization of parts, and increased storage space for vehicles. The passes are 5 Robux, 65 Robux, and 100 Robux, respectively. You can have premium customization for your items, skins, and avatars using these. 

Other features include limited-time events, which come with exclusive items and vehicles. However, these are not available once the event is over. There are staff passes as well, which are restricted for normal players. 

So, the question arises: how do I get these things for free? Well, we would say there’s no free way to do it. You would need Robux for the game passes, and if you don’t have that, you cannot purchase these cool items. However, if you’re a developer, you can gain Robux by putting up game passes yourself. 

As a normal player, you can find digital codes and rewards to gain free Robux. Once you have the currency, it is easy to buy these game passes and avail a bunch of items. Greenville has a lot to explore, from sleek luxury vehicles to customizable skins.


Greenville is an example of how far the Roblox developers push the limits of map creation and design in the game. We would advise checking it out even if you are not a citizen of Wisconsin since the level of realism on the map is astounding. 

Have you been a fan of this map for a while? Do you know any other ways to get free items and benefits in Greenville? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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