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Have you watched the new season of Tim Robinson’s ‘I think You Should leave’ on Netflix? If your answer is yes, then you must have heard of the Calico Cut web page that sells pants with simple dots on them. And if you are here to know more about the craze surrounding this site, then fear not! in this article, we would like to brief you about the site made from the 2nd season of Tim’s Netflix comedy show that has been aired recently on Netflix in theUnited States. 

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson – A Brief Description

Tim puts forth a hilarious sketch in the 4th episode of the 2nd season of ‘I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.’ The plot mentioned above is the third sketch in that episode that had people cracking up. This episode was released in the United States very recently.

Arriving at the plot, you recognize how humiliating it is when your colleagues notice the piss stains on your pants. Just because you were in a rush and didn’t adequately shake it off, you somehow end up with those stains on your pants. And here comes Robinson to the rescue with his Calico Cut Pants.

Now, let’s look more into

Calico Cut Pants – The Plot

  1. Tim Robinson introduces the Calico Cut pants website to save his colleague (acted out by Mike) from being ridiculed about the piss stains on his pants. 
  2. This website sells pants that contain dots on them. These dots resemble the piss stains. 
  3. However, Tim claims that various rappers wear dotted pants and that the pants are very trendy. 
  4. He then moved on to explains how the website works. The pants put for sale are not really for sale! All the Getcalicocutpants.comweb page pants show that they are out of stock, making them look like they’re trendy. 
  5. Tim then makes an interesting comment on how Supreme sells its products using the same strategy as the webpage. 
  6. He also explains how the ‘users,’ as in the people who accessed the website, have to ‘give’ to the website to keep it running. 
  7. He constantly bugs Mike by saying, ‘You Gotta Give. If nobody gives, it goes dark.’, as a way to encourage him to donate to the web page. – A Brief Description

  1. This site has been created after the 4th episode of Tim’s comedy show aired on Netflix. Holding that plot as an inspiration, a ‘superhuman’ (as said by ‘I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson’ fans in a Twitter fan page) created this page. 
  2. When one visits the page, one can find various Calicocut pants with dots on them. The page very closely resembles the website in the episode.
  3. But ‘Hold That Door!’, the web page also has an additional feature that lets all the visitors donate to Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. 
  4. Not only did the creator of this site recreate the iconic but silly sketch, he took a step forward by letting people donate for a more significant cause. 

What are the user’s opinions on the site?

We performed a thorough search to find out what the viewers of the website think about it. Interestingly, after viewing the fourth episode of the series, many people searched for Calicocut pants, and those people were pleased to come across the make-believe website 

The ‘I Think You Should Leave with TR’ fan page posts about this website on its timeline regularly, encouraging people to donate to the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. 


The pants, which Tim has first brought up in the Netflix comedy show, soon rose to fame due to their relatability & silliness. The webpage discussed above has been made in honor of the renowned Calicocut pants, and it also arrives with a bonus feature that allows you to show your support for a great cause. 

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