Technology has now become one of the basic needs to live life so, Freedomphoneis here to help us out with one of the best phones ever. The world is surrounded by science and practical implementation, which means the technology to us. The phone is essential for life.

Freedomphone is an online website in the United Stateswhere phone features like price and its uses have been provided. Day by day, the features of every product are getting updated; technology is getting updated; therefore, this site will provide one of the best phones, which will be very useful and efficient as well.

What is

As mentioned earlier, it is an online website used to give data about the phone with its features. The citizens of the United States mostly use this siteto get themselves assured with the best phone services. On the website, we can sign up so that further procedures like adding a product to the cart and buying it will become easy for the customer.

In this, we will know the quality of the phone like it has an uncensorable app store, some inbuilt apps, improved free speech OS, and of course, privacy. It has some additional features like a large amount of storage, a large-size screen, changing of SIM cards as such. 

At the top right corner, there is a symbol of a cart where products can be added as like a Wishlist. Subscriptions are also available, which will benefit us as we will get to know about the offers and make deals.


  1. Contact address: There is no contact address mentioned on the website.
  2. Contact number: There is no contact number available on the website.
  3. Email Address:
  4. Payment methods: All the standard modes of payments like amazon pay, AMEX, Klarna, Mastercard, and VISA.
  5. Category of the website: This site is a technology-based site where mobile phone features are mentioned.
  6. Delivery time: It is not said on the website. 
  7. Return policy: The product can be returned after 30 days of purchase, but the phone should be unopened.
  8. Refund policy: It will be processed within 72 hours from the support team after emailing process is done.
  9. Mode of delivery: It is not mentioned on the website.
  10. Shipment: The information related to shipping is also not mentioned on the website.

Pros of Freedom Phone:

● The privacy policy mentioned on the website is very good.

● Returns can be done by just mailing them about it.

● The payment methods are also standard, which will help us to make the payments safe.

● On the site, the features and advantages are mentioned, which will help us make purchasing decisions.

● The phone is water-resistant, so life will be more as compared to other cell phones.

Cons of Freedom Phone:

● If the product is opened, then we will not be able to return the phone.

● Insurance option is still not available on the purchase of phones.

● Repairs required for the products will not be done, or services will not be given we need to go to mobile stores for help.

Is legit?

To verify any of the sites, it is very much mandatory to go through every point mentioned. While research, we have found that there are no pages of Freedom Phone on social media. This site is a suspicious one because there are no reviews on the website and not much information about the purchases available.

Some articles or reviews related to it cleared that this site to be legit, but it would be good if we buy a product by observing the safety.

Reviews on Freedom Phone:

There are no social media pages for this website, so there are no reviews observed. The reviews were also not mentioned on the website. But from the other sources, we have got to know about the thoughts which are not up to the mark. Customers are not satisfied with the service provided to them.

The rating given to this online website is near to 3 out of 10, which is not that good as such.


From the information mentioned above and research, we got to know that the service is not that good, which every customer expects as the reviews are not mentioned on the site, which makes it a suspicious one. But from the other sources, we have got to know that the reviews are not matching customer’s requirements. So, please do purchase by taking care of the safety.

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