Explore 5 new UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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The United Nations has formally designated each site because of its cultural or physical importance. And, as you would expect, the UNESCO list on which they include a slew of must-see locales.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about your bucket list being boring by repeatedly seeing the same old things. A few days ago, UNESCO issued its official list for 2017, which included adding five new historical items. Of course, they love every one of the submissions, but they wanted to single out five for your consideration.

One thousand nine hundred and ninety-two of the globe’s 1,092 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are found in the natural world. At the same time, the other 845 are cultural or historical treasures that need particular preservation. As a result, selecting their top five UNESCO World Heritage Sites was a difficult task. All the locations on their final list are readily accessible and can be on many international vacation itineraries; therefore, they all deserve this recognition.

Georgia’s Gelati Monastery

Talk about straying from the route less Airfare from Toronto to India traveled. Georgia, a former Soviet country, has the perfect mix of history and landscape. Tbilisi, the vibrant metropolis, and Mtskheta, the historic capital, both have cobblestone streets, stunning architecture, centuries-old churches, and cathedrals.

Gelati Monastery, a masterpiece built in 1106 and well worth a visit, is one such location. The inside of this ancient Orthodox monastery, one of the biggest in the world, is a sight to see. It’s both formidable and awe-inspiring in equal measure because of its vibrant colors and cultural significance. And it’s just north of the country’s legislative center and home to the 11th-century Bagrati Cathedral in a magnificent hillside setting.

On their 15-day Tbilisi to Istanbul journey, which takes you from Georgian woods and mountains to Turkish pubs and spice shops, you can see both Kutaisi and the Gelati Monastery. You may also visit the UNESCO-listed monastery on an extended trip to Azerbaijan if you’d like some more adventure!

Located in Cambodia’s SamborPrei Kuk district

If you want confirmation that Cambodia is more than simply Angkor Wat, have a peek at SamborPrei Kuk, a fantastic starting point for your investigations. Because the brick temples are among the country’s earliest constructions, the archaeological site was recently designated as a new UNESCO World Heritage Site. That is correct, and there are more than one hundred pre-Angkorian monuments.

The webpage explains why they are so enamored with this Southeast Asian nation. The woodland location of SamborPrei Kuk, a few hours’ drive from Cambodia’s most renowned temple complex, Siem Reap, is far less busy and peaceful. The octagonal temples are wonders in and of themselves, but it’s also a great place to get a feel for rural Cambodian life.

They are so enamored with the area that on sure of their Cambodia tours, you can stay in a homestay near the SamborPrei Kuk temple ruins. The admission price is just a few dollars to encourage those interested in culture to visit them.

Ahmedabad, India

When you think of India’s most iconic cities, Mumbai, Jaipur, or New Delhi will likely spring to mind. But the city was primarily unknown before UNESCO chose to (justifiably) cast the spotlight on Ahmedabad. Gujarat’s biggest city, Ahmedabad, is a must-see destination. This walled city is a unique mix of Hindu and Jain culture, with more temples, mosques, and museums than you could ever tour in a few days, despite the first sensory overload.

Since Sultan Ahmad Shah founded Ahmedabad in the 15th century, its ancient walled lanes have exuded a sense of history while yet being alive with activity. Moreover, the city’s rich architectural legacy is worth exploring, and the Rani Sipri Mosque’s antique minarets and the Shreyas Folk Museum are not to be missed.

Their 14-day Gujarat Adventure takes you from Ahmedabad through the SasanGir Wildlife Sanctuary and on to the charming city of Udaipur, among other places.

Port of Valongo, Brazil

No one needs an introduction to Rio. Copacabana Beach and Christ, the Redeemer monument are two of the city’s most well-known landmarks. Valongo Wharf Archaeological Site is a newly-recognized symbol during the carnival celebrations and the vast favelas.

UNESCO has recognized this old port area in the city’s heart as a culturally and historically significant site and is now part of the World Heritage List. Built in 1811 for the entrance of enslaved Africans into South America, it is perhaps the most prominent physical reminder of the continent’s history of slavery. It is a great spot to begin your exploration if you genuinely want to know the city’s history and current state.

The wharf area is readily accessible on every trip to Brazil, but it’s worth your time to learn more about it while you’re there. Urban Adventures offers a wide selection of day trips in Rio de Janeiro. At Valongo Wharf, four different day tours are available for you to choose from, and it’s a chance not to be missed.

Iran’s Yazd province

Yazd is an oasis in the Iranian desert, a cultural treasure, and much more. Central Iran’s bazaars, mosques, and teahouses are a kaleidoscope of ancient architecture and rich history. Its location, where it was more than 5,000 years ago, is just as intriguing as its illustrious history. As the Zoroastrian religion’s spiritual center, it’s a fascinating destination, not least since mountains surround it.

Two of their favorite Yazd attractions are the Water Museum (which displays how old underground water pipes carried water from the mountains to the city) and the Jameh Mosque. You can see both on their 14-day Iran Adventure (a work of art thanks to its gorgeous exterior and fine mosaics).

Yazd’s superb position makes it a must-see new UNESCO monument. The city of Esfahan, famed for its Persian architecture and medieval bazaars, is just a few hours away by car. Additionally, the town of Karnak is nearby, as are the Spice and Silk Roads. As part of Air tickets from India to Canada package, you may visit Kharanak to view the ruins of this abandoned hillside hamlet and the many hammams (bathhouses). Relax in Yazd’s allure and the hotel they provide; a historic 19th-century home perfectly encapsulates the city’s allure.

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