Eskimo Ice Auger Reviews – Is It Worth to Buying ?

Eskimo Ice Auger Reviews

Must read the Eskimo ice auger reviews 2022? This product received 4/5 star ratings from the customers. One claimed that he could drill 50 holes in a minute.

Don’t we all love fishing during the winter seasons? The thrill of cutting the ice and getting fish from the cold water brings out the best in us. It is more challenging than the primitive way of fishing and requires more tools and skills.

Many people in the United States love fishing in the winter season by using ice Augers. Eskimo is one of the best brands for fishing tools of all kinds, and never compromise on their quality. Hence, we have provided a detailed description to help you find if this tool is worth buying or not. Read further to know more.

What is an Eskimo ice auger? 

It is a famous blade tool used by many fishermen and people who like fishing in the winter season. When the lakes and rivers get covered in ice, you need to build a hole to put on your fishing rods and other types of equipment. Ice Augers get used to performing this task. 

It gets recommended to use a good quality with a better blade for a good fishing experience. Otherwise, it will take too long to cut the eyes, and you will become tried to do fishing in the end. Please continue reading to know more about Eskimo ice auger reviews.


  • The Eskimo ice auger uses Quantum blades. It will cut the ice like butter because they are powerful and sharp.
  • You will be able to cut a drill any hole with a snap of your fingers.
  • The device gets powered by a wiper engine of 33 cc that works in cold conditions. 
  • The only problem is you will find it hard to start the engine when stored at a low temperature.
  • It gets recommended to use clear gas to overcome this issue. Eskimos is the only brand using sealed ball bearing for better performance.


  • The dimensions of the I saw Ghar h 50*50* 22 inches.
  • Eskimos deliver this device with a 5-year warranty under some terms and conditions.
  • The tool comes with a two-stroke motor.
  • The ratio of gasoline to oil usage in the device is 50:1.
  • There is a mitten grip recoil for the customers who like to start the engine with their bare hands using gloves.
  • Another safety tool present in the device is the muffler guard.
  • They have given a primary button which is instantly powers up the device.
  • Grip handles are present for reducing the vibration and providing better control over it.
  • They protect the blades by covering them with hard plastic. 


  • It comes with a powerful engine and motor.
  • The blades get protected with plastic covering to avoid any damage.
  • It is faster than any other ice auger.
  • Eskimos is an old brand making fishing equipment. So we can trust their tools and their credibility.


  • The device is hard to start under -20 to -30 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.
  • Replacement parts are expensive.

Is Eskimo ice auger worth buying?

After going through several Eskimo ice auger reviews, we found it an excellent tool for ice drilling. It is much more durable and stronger than any other ice auger brand. The system is lightweight, so it is easy to handle. You can carry it on trips.

Many professional fishers prefer using this ice auger because of the sharp blades accompanying a middle ring. It holds the device in place to quickly drill any area. 

You can buy it on Amazon to get huge discounts and free shipping on premium membership.

Eskimo Ice Auger reviews from the customers?

There is a 4.6/5 consumer rating for Eskimo ice auger on open sources. People consider it a fast and efficient tool. It is easy to transport for holidays. It is not as effective as the big ice augers. But does the work and allows you to drill multiple holes within a minute.

Some Eskimo Ice Auger Reviews suggested it is a costly purchase because of the expensive replacements. One of the issues with this ice auger is that it does not start under low temperatures. 

Apart from a few negative aspects, the device has received good from the audience and is worth buying.


Eskimo Ice Auger Reviews? After a comprehensive analysis, we consider it a go-to device for ice drilling in the United States. We will suggest our readers go through the reviews presented on open sources before making any substantial purchase. You can also compare the specs with other brands.

Please share your experience with us in the comment section. We love hearing from you.

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