David Culver scam

David Culver scam

Worried about the David Culver scam? This article will provide you with complete information regarding the issue and how to overcome this threat.

Many users across the United States have fallen victim to fraudsters claiming to sell high-quality products on various platforms like Craigslist and eBay. These people should be reported immediately. In case you come across them for spreading awareness among those prone to these threats.

Who is David Culver?

David Culver sells vintage gears at affordable and low prices. He is almost 50 years old and sells his products on Craigslist. David Culver scam people by claiming to possess his father’s high-demand vintage gears. All his contact information is present on the website. 

He will answer all your calls and texts in the beginning. He has sufficient knowledge regarding equipment and good communication skills to make you fall into his trap.

His main aim is to make you believe his authenticity and trick you. He asks you to send him money. Once you have done that, he stops responding to any calls and texts. He usually puts up the price range above $200. 

How does David Culver scam people?

David Culver is sagacious and can trick you easily using his tactics. That is how he scams people:

  • He posts desired pictures of vintage equipment at an affordable price.
  • Most of his contact information is listed, so you can call him if you are interested.
  • He picks the call but makes some excuse to avoid meeting in person.
  • But he will somehow convince you to get the product delivered to your house without verifying it in person.
  • Then, he provides his account details and asks the customers to send money through their PayPal friends and family.
  • Since PayPal friends and family have no purchase protection, you cannot get your money back.
  • He doesn’t ship any of his gears and scams to customers.
  • When you try to reach him through his contact, he stops responding.

He is using other names too for tricking people. When you are buying any vintage gear, make sure you meet the person and verify the product.

How to identify scams?

Several users based in the United States have mentioned getting scammed by David. They have been tricked into making transactions into his PayPal account but did not receive their products. 

Numerous Social media platforms and activists are supervising people on how to identify a fraudulent. They suggest that these scammers post appealing pictures of high-demand products at low prices to attract customers’ attention. Genuine sellers would never ask the customer to send money via PayPal family and friends. They always prefer meeting in person before making any final deal.

If any such scam or message comes to your notice, we recommend you report the scammer to track the deceitful people and criminals. These scams have been reported continuously by several users in the past.

Review by the users

We came across a lot of reviews by people stating David Culver scam. One of the reviews was from a person who bought a pioneer SX-1080 tuner for $325.00. The customer paid via online banking, and when he asked for tracking details. David told him that he would receive the tracking number soon, but he got scammed after paying. He has been scamming people all over the US, and some have even reported him to the police.

He has been scamming people for a long time using various false addresses. We came across a review where a customer had sent $325 to buy a Marantz 2245. Later on, when he figured out he was scammed, he started researching about the scammer. He found that he has scammed many people using the same pictures but with different addresses and contact details.

We suggest our readers never invest their hard-earned money in such fraudulent sources and do a good background check before trusting any person.


Craigslist is a trusted source for buying various products, but many people have been using it to scam others. David Culver scam people using it and makes approximately $1000/week. To protect yourself from such people, always fix a meeting before making any substantial purchase

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