BDSP Elite 4 Rematch – Best Team Weaknesses Serebii 2022

BDSP Elite 4 Rmatch

How to play bdsp elite 4 rematch? If you are looking for a rematch then you must know how to counter and win the rematch, read for more detail.

The brilliant diamonds and shining pearls are one of the most buzzing games. This game belongs to the pokemon genre, and there are hundreds of different games available. Most importantly, Pokemon is in ow itself as a brand. 

They are always in the big race with other cartoons and winning the favorite spot over the decade. With year they are come with new cultivation from movies to games. Suppose you searched on the internet properly. You can get that different kind of games are available from cards to battle, adventures, mystery, everything.

What is bdsp elite 4?

Before going deep into bdsp elite 4 rematch, you need to know the main game. This game revolves around Pokémonand their leaders, and the central characters are referred to as elites in this game.

There are some central Elites available in this game who are,

  • Aaron
  • Flint
  • Chythiya
  • Bertha 
  • Lucian

These are the main force of the game, and their Pokemon gave them more power and strength to win the actual game. We will soon start unveiling the round setups and each person’s role in the rematch section. There are various things available to attract you. So, go through it carefully.

How to unlock bdsp elite 4 rematch?

You can stroll right on back into the Pokemon League at any point after becoming the champion. Sure enough, you’ll rematch the Elite Four, just like that. But the Elite Four’s lineups will not change without the National Dex. Don’t worry – it’s easier than it sounds.

Once the National Dex is yours, a whole new world opens up. Not literally, but certainly at least figuratively. You can visit Ramana’s Park, catch loads of new Pokemon down in the Grand Underground, and plenty more.

But if your heart is set on subjecting yourself to some champion-tier challenges, the new and improved troupe of Aaron, Bertha, Flint, Lucian, and Cynthia awaits. (All of whom are presumably mind-wiped every time, considering they appear convinced you’re still a rowdy upstart and not… their boss.

Elite Four Rematches: Round One

In general, you’ll want your battle party to be around level 72 or so heading into these bouts on the bdsp elite 4 rematch. That may sound high – probably because it is – but by the time you reach Cynthia, her team will have levels several higher than that. It’s feasible to finish these fights as low as the mid-sixties, but you’ll need to have honed quite a bit of skill along the way, and there won’t be much room for error.

Aaron round one

Four out of five of Aaron’s Pokemonbdsp elite 4 rematch belong to the Bug-type. The bug is weak to Fire, Rock, and Flying moves. Aaron wisely keeps some Rock and Ground moves steadily in his arsenal, but feel free to bust out Fire-types like Infernape and Magmortar against Scizor and Vespiquen. A powerful flier like Staraptor isn’t a bad pick for most of the rest.

Drapion is a different story. Sure, it’s the strongest of the bunch, but it’s also the easiest to counter with a bit of prep work. Any Ground-type Pokemon will hold its own against Drapion rather nicely, but the bulkier, the better.

Bertha round one 

Use Whiscash’s 4x weakness to Grass smartly on the bdsp elite 4 rematch; don’t bring out an actual Grass-type Pokemon, as Ice Beam will ruin their day. Instead, use any fully-evolved option that has access to moves like Solar Beam and Razor Leaf without the typing. This means you’ll miss out on STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), but at 4x weakness, it’s not a big deal.

The rest of Bertha’s lineup is mostly a matter of letting Grass-types and Water-types work their magic. Her Rhyperior can OHKO many Water Pokemon with Thunder Fang, but Torterra or your closest kin to one should bring it down in a few turns.

Flint round one

Houndoom’s biggest perk In bdsp elite 4 rematch as a Pokemon is Special Attack, followed by Speed. It’s pretty good, but with an HP pool this low, a properly-trained Water Pokemon of almost any sort should take it out in two turns.

Flareon, on the other hand, has a vital Attack stat and not much else. Flare Blitz might hurt a bit, but there’s not much else to say. Nor will Rapidash be a considerable bother; just be sure to cure your Pokemon if they’re hit with Hypnosis.

Infernape and Magmortar are the real deals here. Close Combat and Fire Punch will make you rue the day you came for Flint again unless you’re ready for them.

Latios/Latias can handle them both. Alternatively, you can bring along a Ghost-type like Gengar, who knows Psychic for Infernape – as far as Magmortar is concerned, Ground is better than Water so as to avoid the wrath of Thunderbolt.

Lucian round one

Lucian isn’t playing around this time. Even his Espeon, a robust but frail “Eeveelution,” is well-equipped to play the long game.

Bug and Dark are your best friends throughout this battle. Ghost is doable, but all of Lucian’s Pokemon can dish just as much damage to your Gengar as your Gengar can talk to them.

Scizor and Heracross both have the right builds to withstand a great deal of what this top-ranking Elite Four member can throw at you. Umbreon and Tyranitar are also savvy picks.

Cynthia’s Round one

Many Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl players have found Cynthia to be among the most formidable champions to beat in the entire series. But as you can see from the above table, she’s barely unsheathed her proverbial sword the first time you go up against her.

Every Pokemon on Cynthia’s rematch roster has a nigh-immaculate move pool. Take out Spiritomb before it can whittle your team away entirely too early into the battle; Cynthia just loves using Will-O-Wisp to undermine you in this opening salvo.

Don’t underestimate Roserade and Togekiss, either. With flawless IVs and EVs, they can handily overcome a lack of STAB in their quirkier attacks and still bring the pain.


Here is everything which you need to know about bdsp elite 4 rematch. Go through it properly and maintain all rules and decorum of this game to unlock the rematch.

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