Anime Clash Codes

Anime Clash Codes

Check out the latest released Anime Clash Codes 2022? Use this code to Redeem 575 crystals · 2500LIKES! · 1KLIKES. For more info, read the full article.

In the bunch of four million plus games, one can be confused to choose what to play and what to not. Some games are consistently popular, but others are not so popular. But the trending list keeps moving, and when people start to discover a game with excellent features, they begin researching the game.

Meanwhile, another game is in highlights now, and people love these games. Similarly, like other games, this game also has gaming tools and elements needed to unlock with money or Robux. But players are always in search of promo codes and coupon codes.

What is Anime Clash?

Our discussed topic is Anime Clash Codes. So, let’s lighten up the matter of what Anime Clash is. It is an Anime ninja game with a pure ninja setup, moves, and fighting style. 

Every level up has new ninja secrets in them. Here the most crucial weapon is the sword, and you need to earn chakra to play games.

In these games, some quests are referred to as different levels. Here you get a crystal after completing one group, and the crystal is the game’s main currency. Here you get other ninja characters.

After developing every quest, one can upgrade their character. Every time, the characters are more powerful than the previous one. You can buy gaming tools and characters with crystals.

We gathered the information about the essential activities of the game and got some codes that will help you in the quest development.

Robux Generator…..How does it work?

The Anime Clash Simulator Games is free to play the game. If you can’t invest in this game through Robux currency to get:

  1. Faster Click, 
  2. luck, 
  3. super lucky, 
  4. sprint, 
  5. permanent islands, 
  6. infinite chakra, 
  7. X2 Chakra, 
  8. x2 yen, 
  9. +2 pets equipped, 
  10. +4 pets equipped, 
  11. +50 pets inventory, 
  12. +250 inventory. 

Anime Clash is an experience developed by RobxHard for the Robloxmetaverse platform. Anime Clash is a clicking-style game where each click gives you a chakra. 

Sell your chakra for yen and buy better swords, character upgrades, and more. Earn crystals to hatch powerful anime-themed pets that boost your stats. Explore new worlds and even fight bosses for massive rewards.

What are the available Anime Clash Codes (February/March 2022)?

  • 20KWOW: Redeem this code and claim 5k Crystal (New)
  • UPDATE1: Redeem this code and claim 17,250 Crystal
  • OUAH15KLIKES: Redeem this code and claim 10,000 Crystal
  • OMG1MVISITS!: Redeem this code and claim 17,250 Crystal
  • CRAZY10KLIKES: Redeem this code and claim 5,750 Crystal
  • LETSGO7500LIKES: Redeem this code and claim 3,450 Crystal
  • OMG5KLIKES!: Redeem this code and claim 5,750 Crystal
  • 2500LIKES!: Redeem this code and claim 2,500 Crystal
  • 1KLIKES: Redeem this code and claim 1,150 Crystal
  • RELEASE: Redeem this code and claim 575 Crystals

Redeem Code Here

We’ve got the newest working codes that have not yet expired listed below for Roblox Anime Clash.

These can be redeemed for Crystals that you can use to purchase new pets that will have you earning more Chakra and Yen! You will want to use these as soon as possible because codes do expire after some time.

How to redeem codes in Anime Clash?

To redeem codes in Roblox Anime Clash Codes, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Open up Roblox Anime Clash on your PC or Mobile device
  • Tap on the Twitter button on the side of the screen
  • Copy a code from our list
  • Paste it into the “Enter Code Here” box
  • Hit the Redeem button to get your reward!

Alternate method of getting the codes?

  • To find more codes, make sure to follow AnimeClashRBX on Twitter, the developer of the game. 
  • You can also join the official Discord server to get news updates and chat with other players.


We shared all recent update Anime Clash Codes to help you out. You can use the codes Redeem Crystal and other gaming cards, and also we reveal the process of Redeem Codes.

Follow the process to redeem and use the codes. Please share your experiences and views through our comment section below.

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