Among Us in Space Jam

Among us in space jam

You might have heard of Among us in space jam, but how about the news that one of the main characters of the Among us being featured in Space jam 2 also? How far is the information accurate? Pursue till the end to get truthful answers to all your questions

Among us is one of the most popular games in the United States. There are no chances that someone might not be knowing about the game and the in-game characters. Though the game is relatively younger, just released in 2018, it has gained a lot of attention that seems like a miracle. 

With the craze developed among the youth, the moviemakers of Space jam have decided to feature the yellow character of Among us in the movie. 

And they got succeeded in that, as they had millions of views for the trailer itself. Now the news is being flashed over social media about featuring the character again in Space jam 2, which, as they say, will be a jaw-dropping movie. Let us see whether it is correct or not. 

What do Hidden Easter Eggs Reveal?

Hidden Easter Eggs have become a big part of modern media in recent years, with movies, shows, and games constantly giving nods to themselves and sometimes other properties. How about Among us in space jam?

With the release of LeBron James’ Space Jam 2, some fans think they have spotted the yellow Among character hidden in the background. So, is Among Us in Space Jam 2?

Yes, it appears there is a Space Jam 2 Among Us Easter Egg is hidden in the film, and it’s super easy to miss. The yellow imposter can be seen in a recent trailer introducing the Toon Squad, just after Road Runner is introduced. 

How fans observed Among us in space jam?

The yellow imposter is hiding in the background and can only be seen for a split second. However, some viewers believe that it’s Penelope Pitstop’s headlight in the United States, and it just looks like a character from the game.

Warner Bros. has admittedly stuffed the movie full of different Easter Eggs and even released a trailer pointing some of them out. The trailer reveals hidden shout-outs to Scooby-Doo, Iron Giant, and King Kong, to name a few. 

What are the other characters?

Even if the Space Jam 2 Among Us Easter Egg turns out to be a headlight, it’s still a pretty funny coincidence. And who knows, maybe a separate scene with a hidden character hasn’t been spotted yet.

As more and more people watch the movie, fans notice other hidden video games and pop culture Easter Eggs in the film.

For example,

young LeBron can be seen playing a Crazy Castle on a Game Boy, which starred Bug’s Bunny. This is a pretty obvious one, but there are some less apparent nods to Batman, Mad Max, the Joker, Rick and Morty, and tons more like Among us in space jam.

Hanna-Barbera fans are in for a treat. The film features a host of characters from the studio acquired by Turner and then by Warner Bros. Animation, from Dick Dastardly and Muttley to Penelope Pitstop. The Flintstones and Barney Rubble, Yogi Bear, and Top Cat, can be seen among the crowd cheering on the Toon Squad.

Scooby-Doo and The Mystery Machine, and the Jetsons are other easy cameos to spot.


As there is a lot of progress regarding the movie, we don’t think that the appearance of the Among us in space jam will be fake. The Among us characters but there are many other gaming and cartoon characters also being featured in the movie to make it more interesting.

Of all the news that has been highlighted till now, we can only say that everyone is excited for the movie to be released as soon as possible; at least, they are hoping for the trailer to be out more quickly.

We can wait until it gets out and know the hidden truth and get to see the role of the yellow Among us character.

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